Validus Risk Management (VRM) New User/PC setup

Validus Risk Management (VRM) New User/PC setup


New User account:

1. JumpCloud
2. Gsuite
3. Add user to ALL VALIDUS Calendar
4. RingCentral

New PC setup:

1. LogMeIn
3. Install Google Drive/Team Drives 
3. Install and Activate Office 2016
4. Add HP and RICOH printers
4. Add user to "scan to email" address book for both HP and RICOH MFP/scanner

New User Account


1. Login to the JumpCloud Administrator console using the following credentials:
password: <default Cyberco password - **100>

2. Complete the MFA via Authy (scroll down at the bottom for JumpCloud)

3. Select "Users" on the left navpane
3.1 Click on the "+" sign to add a user, a "New User" windows will slide-in

4. Fill out the user details following the format for VRM.
- username: <firstname>.<lastname>
- email address: <firstname>.<lastname>

5. Click "Save user" to complete.


1. Login to "" using Cyberco's VRM admin credentials
- password: <default password - " ***100">
2. On the Admin Console, select "Users"

3. Click on the " + " button to add a user.

4. Fill out the form with the New User's information, then click "Add user" to complete

Add user to ALL VALIDUS Calendar

1. Open Google's App drawer from the upper-right hand corner of the screen, then select Calendar

2. On the left-hand side of Calendar, select ALL Validus.

3. Click on the 3 vertical dots to open options for "ALL VALIDUS"

4. Select "Settings and sharing"

5. Go to the "Share with specific people section" and clik on "add people"
5.1 Select the user you want to add
5.2 On the "Permission" drop-down, make sure you select "Make changes to events"

6. Click "Send" to save changes.



New PC setup



1. Install the JumpCloud client
- see Cyberco JumpCloud Agent Installation
2. Once installation is complete, make sure to add the authorized users to the machine
- see How to add a user to a workstation via JumpCloud

Install Google Drive/Team Drives 

Install and Activate Office 2016

Add HP and RICOH printers

Add user to "scan to email" address book for both HP and RICOH MFP/scanner

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