Smartsheet Sync for Procore Integration

Smartsheet Sync for Procore Integration

  1. Log in to your Cyberco Sync Account 

  1. Click Connect Project and choose the project you want to integrate.

Select the project and choose connect. There are two options to sync the project from Procore. The quick setup is intended for Smartsheet integration. If you select the “Quick Connect” it will be automatically connected to Smartsheet.

  1. Navigate “Connections

  1. Click "Get Smartsheet Connection" to connect your Smartsheet account and Procore account. 

  1. Log in your Smartsheet Account

  1. Click "Allow" to agree with Smartsheet's user terms and acknowledge that Smartsheet processes my personal data in accordance with its privacy notice.

  1. Go back to "Connections" to check if you are connected to Smartsheet.

    Note: Once you are connected to Smartsheet, there’s an indication message “Already Connected”

  1. Navigate to the project and click on Project Settings > Project Schedule.

  1. Choose the Smartsheet option and proceed.

If there is an existing Smartsheet file, click Yes on the next page.


  1.  Realign the columns based on the headers in Smartsheet. The order doesn't matter, but the columns should match the headers in Smartsheet.

  1.  Attempt to edit data in Smartsheet, and click Save to apply the changes in Procore.

  1.  Go to Procore and verify if the Schedule has successfully synced.

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