How to troubleshoot Smartsheet Syncing Issue

How to troubleshoot Smartsheet Syncing Issue

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot Smartsheet syncing issues effectively

1.      Log in to Cyberco Sync, Procore, and Smartsheet.

2.      In the Sync platform, navigate to the project experiencing syncing issues. Click on Project Settings.

3.      Go to Project Schedule > Disconnect > Confirm disconnection.

4.      In Procore, access the project facing syncing challenges and delete the current schedule. Click on Project Tools > Schedule.  Click the gear icon in the upper left corner, as illustrated in the image below.


Note: Prior to reconnecting Smartsheet in Sync, ensure that the schedule in the Procore project is cleared.

5.      Select File Management. Click on the ellipsis icon, then hit Clear Schedule.

6.      Return to Sync. Navigate to the project and click on Project Settings > Project Schedule.



7.      Choose the Smartsheet option and proceed.


8.      If there is an existing Smartsheet file, click Yes on the next page.

9.      Realign the columns based on the headers in Smartsheet. The order doesn't matter, but the columns should match the headers in Smartsheet.


10.   Click on Rematch Columns.


11.   Check if the data are syncing by editing your data in Smartsheet, and click Save to apply the changes in Procore.


12.   Go to Procore, refresh the screen/tab and your Project Schedule should successfully synced.

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