Ambir Scanner recalibration

Ambir Scanner recalibration

How do I recalibrate my scanner?

Occasionally, it may become necessary to re-calibrate your scanner. To do this, open your primary scanning application and initiate a scan. This will open the scanner’s TWAIN interface window. Depending on your model scanner, there may be a tab at the top of this window called CUSTOM SETTINGS. Click on this tab and you will see a button near the bottom of the window labeled CALIBRATE. Click on the CALIBRATE button and follow the screen prompts to recalibrate your scanner.

1.      Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > View Devices and Printers

2.     Right-click on your Ambir Scanner and select “Scanner Properties”

3.     Go to the “Advanced” tab

4.     Click on “Calibrate”


5.     It will ask you to enter the Ambir Calibration sheet. This will take around 20-30seconds to complete
note: as an alternative, you can use a blank sheet of paper if you don’t have the calibration sheet


6.     You should receive the “Calibration Compelte” message as soon as it’s done



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