Adding a New Contact Center Phone

Adding a New Contact Center Phone

This Article will guide you in adding a new phone to AllTechServicesInc contact center.

What you need: 

1. Brand and Model # of the phone + serial number of the phone
2. Full Name of User and his/her email address
3. Quick access to one of their computer (connected to the same network) for the provisioning of the new phone


I. Adding a new extension to RingCentral
      - go to and log in as - if a security code is required, check your email (you may need to request access to the distro from Jack)
      - goto Users tab, then go to Unassigned extensions sub-tab
      - click Add User (Domestic, Add Users without Phones, Virginia - Sterling, choose right address)
      - under unassigned extensions, select the extension and enter Name and Email of the new user - use next available extension number
      - request Abe to advise the new user to activate the new account, request for an update

II. Obtain Phone Information (from Abe)
      - request for Make and Model # of phone
      - request for IP address of the phone
      - request for serial # of the phone

III. Provision the new phone
      - access the user's account page and go to Phones & Numbers, go to Phones and then Add Phone
      - make sure to follow the steps found on this link. This is applicable to Polycom phones if another make and model, please be resourceful in searching for the appropriate guide in assisted provisioning.

IV. Add the user to the automatic call recording list
      - go to the Phone System tab, then to Auto-Receptionist
      - under Call Recording, Automatic Call Recording, click Edit on Extensions to Record and add the new user - then save

V. Add the user to Groups
      * add to Call Queues
            - add the user to the following Call Queue groups: Heating and Cooling Service, Plumbing Service, and VIP - Total Home Care (user can be added under Call Handling and Members - then save)

      * add to Park Locations
            - add the user to the list of location members to all Park Locations specified (normally Park Locations 1 - 7); do not forget to save.

      * add to Call Monitoring
            - add the user to the list of Can Monitor and Can be Monitored 

VI. Add access to the new user to the users where access is needed (normally Tech Lines and Adco)
      - go to the rightful user (adco and tech lines) account/extension page
      - go to Phones & Numbers then Phones, Click on Presence
      - go to Permissions and add the new user, then save

Vii. Set up new phone Presence access
      - go to the new user's account/extension page
      - go to Phones & Numbers then Phones, Click on Presence
      - under Appearance, make sure that "Enable me to pick up a monitored line on hold" is enabled
      - select the appropriate user for each line (normally Park Locations 1 - 7, Adco ext. 1, IVR Tech Lines A and B
      - under Permissions, make sure that "Allow other users to see my Presence status" is ON.
      - select the appropriate users to see the user's Presence status

VIII. Finalize settings
      - resync phone and make sure it comes back Online
      - ask Abe to test and confirm all is good

That should be it, you should have successfully added a new contact center phone for ATS.


Video Link Here! (coming soon)

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